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Heavy Duty Ripper


Mongo Attachments Heavy Duty Ripper

The Mongo Attachments Heavy Duty Ripper is the perfect tool for your needs. Whether you are ripping through frozen ground, demolishing concrete pavement, tearing out roots, removing rebar, upending stumps, or loosening any other firm soil, this is the tool for the job. When your standard bucket won’t do the trick, give the Mongo Ripper a try.

Designed with a fully welded cylinder hub with additional transverse gussets, the Mongo Attachments Heavy Duty Ripper is stronger and more rigid than the competition. The replaceable digging tooth gives you a robust and effective point to break through the toughest of materials. 

Ripper Features:

  • 37” ripper for 3-10 ton machines
  • Standard 1″ Tine, and Extra Thick 2″ Tine models available 
  • Machine specific coupler included


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