About Mongo

Our Story and Our Promise

The story of Mongo Attachments is not unlike the story of many other small businesses in this great country. A group of people identified a problem, and came up with a way to offer a solution.

As users of mini excavators for both business and hobby applications, the folks at Mongo Attachments are very familiar with the uses and benefits that can come from implementing these smaller machines. As anyone familiar with heavy equipment knows, a machine is only as good as the tools that you have for it. 

​There are tons of options out there for mini excavator attachments, but most suppliers have one issue in common… long lead times. With the wide range of excavators on the market, and the difference in their design, most providers custom build their attachments for specific machines. This problem is solved with Mongo Attachments. We have attachments in stock, and ready for your machine.

We know that your job and your livelihood can depend on having the right tool on time. Mongo Attachments provides high quality attachments at a fair price, and delivers them on time for your job.